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The Importance of Oak Barrels

Oak barrels are some of the oldest objects that have been use in the storage of wines and other liquids. The oak wood is used in making these containers known as oak barrels. Storing of wine in the oak barrels is a practice that has been there in the traditional times and is still in use. This is because it is one of the ways known for the enhancement of the wine flavors. The most popular barrels used inn the storage of wines are the oak barrels.

The availability of the oak barrels for sale is not everywhere. You may take long time looking for a place to buy them. You can however get them from Freedom Oka Barrels, a company that specializes in the selling of the barrels. You can get barrels of different sizes and designs from the Freedom Oak Barrels. They have such designs as whisky aging oak barrels as well as the American personalized ageing whisky oak barrels. Wine storage in the oak barrels has many advantages. Some of these advantages are as follows.

You may enhance the taste of the wines by storing them in the oak barrels. This is as a result of as slow and gradual oxidation process that takes place in the barrel. When oxidation occurs, the color and the taste of the wine is enhanced. It also reduces what is known as astringency.

The wine also ,loses water in this process. You therefore need to keep racking the wine as time goes by. Racking enhances the cleaning of the wine since the process filters the wine. This process also helps to improve the fruit flavors.

You also add some chemical values to the wine by storing it in the oak barrel. This comes from the chemical compounds found in the oak tree which greatly improves the wine. Volatile phenols, which add the vanilla flavors, is an example of such compounds. They also have lactones which induces the woody taste. Tarpenes are also found in the oak tree. Tarpenes adds to the wines the tobacco and tea tones.

There is greater effectiveness in fermenting the wine in the oak barrels as compared to other tanks such as steel. Some of the laws also require that whiskey is aged in the barrels made of wood. The ageing of straight whiskey for example should be up to two years in oak barrels in America. Oak barrels also induce an effective maturing of the wines.

Other than being kept in the museums, the oak barrels can have many more important uses. The barrels are of great help to the wine makers and in the enhancement of the wines. You can consider the Freedom Oak Barrels for anything you need about the oak barrels.

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