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Advantages of Cathodic Method of Pipeline Protection against Corrosion

Corrosion is the most significant cause of failure of pipelines. Over a long period, pipelines which are dipped in water are corroded. You can protect metallic surfaces from corroding in the most effective way by applying for cathodic protection. Protection against corrosion is a key factor to remember during the construction of a pipeline system that is to be submerged. Corrosion depends on environmental factors. It is a costly investment for pipelines, which are buried in the ground. Coatings and coverings are the alternatives that are used for prevention of corrosion. Yet they only function as primary protection. The advantages of using the cathodic method to protect metallic pipelines form corrosion will be explored in this article.

The most practical and economical way to prevent the corrosion of pipelines inserted in water and planted underground is to use cathodic protection. Galvanizing and painting methods of preventing corrosion will only be effective for small pipes that cross the surfaces of the earth This is owing to the fact that their maintenance is simple.

Because of the reduced maintenance costs, cathodic protection is proving to be more cost effective. It is also because it does not require a large plate thickness for safety factors when operating at high pressures. When considering the economic advantages, cathodic protection is less expensive to install and maintain compared to the others. There is more reason to use cathodic protection from a technical view because the efficiency of the method can be measured. Furthermore, it is built on the fundamental laws of nature.

In a wet and corrosive environment, cathodic protection is a more significant substitute to use of concrete reinforced pipelines. You will only get good results in soils that are less corrosive and dry when you cover the pipelines with concrete. Improper bonds and cracks are some of the negative effects of concrete pipes that could arise from mechanical expansion and vibration. You are able to control the voltage of the output in cathodic protection. In case the coating of the pipeline spoils over a certain period, the output voltage can be adjusted to the desired degree to maintain effective protection. Moreover, the effectiveness of protection for the structure can be measured when using cathodic protection.

In conclusion, cathodic protection can be used together with a coating. Cathodic protection can be applied in parts of the pipeline where there is poor quality of the coating. In addition, cathodic prevention may be used in areas of the pipe with a non-standard coating as well as on uncovered pipes. Cathodic protection warrants optimal safety and efficiency. This is for the reason that you can operate pipelines even in worse conditions.

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